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Camping Index: Mount Charleston - Toiyabe National Forests Kyle Canyon

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The Spring Mountain National Recreation Area (SMNRA) encompasses more than 316,000 acres of remarkable beauty and surprising diversity. Part of the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest, better known to locals as Mount Charleston, the SMNRA is located just 30 minutes from downtown Las Vegas. Enjoy snow-capped mountain peaks that are surrounded by hardy desert and home to 58 sensitive plants and animals found only in this special area. No matter what outdoor preference, the panoramic ranges provide a quick getaway and a haven for solitude. Recreation opportunities include hiking, camping, climbing, skiing, sightseeing, bird-watching, and more.


Points of Interest:

Mount Charleston Peak, Las Vegas Ski and Snowboard Resort, campgrounds, picnic areas, and trails.

  1. Take Highway 95 north to junction with Highway 157.
  2. Turn left and travel approximately 21 miles to end of highway;

Lodges: Old Lodge Area Photos

There are two lodges on top of the montain. One is generally reffered to as the old lodge, the other as the new lodge even though the new one is actually not so new anymore. The new lodge just isn't much fun but has rooms and dancing some nights. We rarely ever even ever stop there becuase it just isn't that much fun. The new lodge does have nice rooms though as opposed to camping or renting a cabin.


The old lodge is a bit further up the hill with a nice fire place in the center of the room that's quite cozy all year round. The old lodge has several small pricey cabins for rent just around the parking lot. We've stayed in them and it's romantic and fun. Have dinner at the lodge and when you're done just walk across the parking lot to the cabin. No TV's but does have a spa.


Camping & Camp Grounds around Las Vegas:

There are several places to camp at Mount Charleston. Everytime we drive up there we take some pictures and post them. As you can see our daugher has grown like weed in a just the last few years.


We will take a look at a few campgrounds. In order to camp you must make reservations at this web address. - National Reservation System Or call toll-free: 877-444-6777


Cathedral Rock: Photos Pending

75 Sites - First Come First Serve - single space $6. There are 2 group areas requiring reservations to use @ $100 & $120 for 75 people max. 6 Toilets. I don't have any photos of this camp site for some reason and will make a trip over there next time to get some.


Fletcher View: Fletcher View Photos

12 Sites - Tents & Trailers - single space $20. This is a very tiny camping area. If you have a trailer or RV, Fletcher is nice for that reason and really pretty. Our pick of the campsites is #6 which we've included some photos of it.


Kyle Canyon: Kyle Canyon Photos

25 Sites - Tents & Trailers - (sites 7,8-12,17-25 can be reserved) - single space $15. As you can see from the photos, although a pretty area is not one of our favorites but you may like it. No hook ups that I could see. One of the most secluded spots we liked was campsite #15 which you can see photos of.


Hill Top: Photos Pending

35 Sites (31 singles, 3 double, 1 triple) - Tents and Trailers ok - Single space $15. Trailers over 25 feet long are not recommended. Sites 1-4,6,8,11-13,15,17-21 can be reserved. I would not recommend trying to pull a trailer up there but it's beautiful and good for tent camping when open.

From Las Vegas, Nevada:

Travel north on Highway 95 to the junction with Highway 157. Turn left and travel approximately 17 miles to the junction with Highway 158. Turn right and travel about 4 miles to campground. Be careful on the curves, it's along way down!

Lee Canyon Ski Area & Photos: Lee Canyon is just around the corner from the Hill Top camping grounds, about 15 miles. Drive past Hill Top camping and make a left at the stop sign and drive another 10 miles or so. There are some pretty spots along the way.


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