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Does your refrigerator battery wear out quickly?  Refrigerators have a “high humidity” switch, or equivalent, usually located in the freezer door frame and attached to a small heater element. It controls the humidity that may collect around the door opening during very high humidity situations. This circuit draws about 6 amps and will drain a battery in less than 12 hours. There’s an easy solution to this. Flip the switch to the “off” position when you’re running the refrigerator on battery power.


Why is my refrigerator not staying cold? If you notice that your refrigerator is not as cool as you prefer. Try evaluating the absorber, see if it is cool and see if the boiler section is hot.  For more RV refrigerator maintaince tips click here.


What to do if the front of my refrigerator is feeling warm: Older refrigerators have electric heaters at the edge of the refrigerator cabinet to keep moisture from building up, especially during hot summer weather. These heaters typically have a switch that turn them off or on.

Now that the electric heater has become a dinosaur the manufactures have started running a pass of the hot condenser tubing on the edges of the cabinet where the electric heaters use to be. This has now replaced the electric heaters. If you feel heat around the door opening of your refrigerator try some of the following: clean the condenser coil, clean the condenser cooling fan, then check both the refrigerator and freezer temperatures. 

Take good care of your refrigerator and it will take care of you.

 Click here  for more RV refrigerator tips.

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