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Chicago the Musical

 8:00 pm
New York Avenue Q New York's Beauty and the Beast New York Les Miserables New York's Color Purple
New York's Color Purple


See Broadway's razzle-dazzle musical smash, CHICAGO at the Ambassador Theater in New York City.

CHICAGO is the recipient of six Tony® Awards, two Olivier® Awards, a Grammy® and thousands of standing ovations. Entertainment Weekly calls it "insanely entertaining."

An electrifying tale of murder, greed, and showbiz, CHICAGO is filled with one showstopper after another, including such hits as "All That Jazz," "Razzle Dazzle," and "Class." And it features some of the best dancing on Broadway, with a gorgeous ensemble performing eye-popping numbers choreographed in the style of Bob Fosse. If you're looking for Broadway at its best, there's only one place to head: CHICAGO.

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