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Tipping is a custom based on the generosity of an appreciative customer and is subject to no concrete rules. For those who are unsure, here are a few suggestions for some tipping situations you may encounter

Dress Codes

Bartenders $2 per round for parties of 2 to four; more for larger groups.
Bellmen $8-$10, depending on whether you will need services or advice during your stay.
Bingo &
Keno Runners
If you are playing for an extended period of time, $2 or $3 occasionally, even if you aren't winning, will be appreciated.
Change Clerks 5% of total winnings for big jackpots, max $25 - Occasional Tokes for services of $1
Concierge $5 - 10 for help with dinner reservations or show tickets. End of the trip just be fair.
$2 a round for parties of 1 or 2; more for larger groups. Drinks are generally free when you gamble which of course make you more susceptible to spend more. Drinks at clubs will cost several dollars each, so if someone provides drinks for free at the tables. $5 toke for a couple of drinks is reasonable
Dealers If you are losing - $0 Tip

Tips, or "tokes" as they are called in Las Vegas, either can be given directly to the dealer between hands, throws of dice or spins of wheel, or small "side bets" are permitted. These can range from $1 to, generally, half of your bet.

Others + a chip

Craps or blackjack dealer - $5 per session.

Poker - $5

Roulette - $5

Keno writers/ runners - $1 / 5% if you win.

Slots - 5% on a jackpot, not exceed $25.

Slot Machine Mechanic - $1 or $2 when a repair is made.

Guest Room
About $5 per day, usually left at the end of your stay.
Maid Service $5 per day is typical, up to $10 per day depending upon the mess  you left. Tip daily because there might be a different maid each day. On the side of being generous the last day - also.
The standard 15-20 percent rule applies. If you had bad service $0
Room Service
The standard 15-20 percent rule applies unless gratuity is included.
Swimming Pool Attendant $2 - $3 per chair at the beginning of the first day or nothing, unless you require services such as extra seating to pool toys. Most of the hotels have chairs readily available and in this case would be nothing.
Skycaps $2 per bag, depending on size and weight. An extra $5 - $20 if they help you get to your flight on time.
Taxi Cab
Approximately 15 percent of the total fare, but not less than $3.
Valet Parking Handle this a few ways.

Nice car and want it left out in front of the hotel where everyone can see it like a big shot? Ask the attendant where a $20 spot will get you. Don't like the answer say thank you and leave into the building.

Normally 5$ because most parking at hotels will be free and sometimes for hotel guest only on weekends. Once again, money talks if you want in the garage, they'll make room for your car for a $20.

Service was ok, had to wait? $3, fold the money in half it will look like a larger wad.

Free parking? $3 to the parking attendant.

Dress Codes Night Club Dress Code - Reference
Night Clubs Rules Change - Clubs go in and out of business all the time. What was fun in one decade isn't even in business the next. What one hotels decides can change overnight. SO, If you are staying at some elegant hotel, check the web-site, look at the photos of the hotels night club to see what people are wearing, this will be your best clue or wait until you check in and ask.

As a rule...

Depending on the club - A nice pullover, or dress shirt with some type of collar will always work - We would never encourage plain t-shirts, jerseys and definitely no cut offs, they are ever allowed. Wearing a suit would be over dressed unless your name is Will Smith. However, if a suit is worn be prepared to throw plenty of $$$ around and play the part.

Women usually wear anything from short shorts, Levi's with a nice top or cocktail dresses.

Show Dress Code Production Shows Dress Code - Reference
Ask when you purchase Show Tickets about dress codes for any particular show, some are different.
Dress Shirt & Dress Slacks / Black or dark suit / Tuxedo. You will not look out of place at in production show dressed nice. Many come to Las Vegas for long term anniversaries, taking their bride out on town to a production show and dressing nice for them is an honor.

Now I know what some guys are saying, "you ain't gettin me in know blasted suit" some anyway.

Production Las Vegas shows are related to theater, if its a comedy show at a small club no one cares what you wear. If though you show up at a production show to be seated by a maitre d' in a pair of cut-offs, tennis shoes and a t-shirt with your gut hanging out of the bottom of the shirt take your chances at where you'll be seated if not assigned. Most likely it will be assigned seating. So, in either case hotel shows have rules most of the time. Maybe you can tip the maitre d' $100 and he'll slip you in. Maybe the hotel won't even care, they just want your $. Just double check.

Beautiful evening dress / outfit.

If you have something to add here or disagree - Contact Us

  Comedy Shows Dress Code - Reference
Inside Elegant Hotels: Collars or nice slacks / Cocktail dresses / Pant outfits sporting a nice top
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